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Mia Ramirez - Missing Child Featured

Written by Law Olmstead
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Los Angeles, September 28th, 2018.

A child is reported missing . . . by who, it's unknown.  She appears to be a healthy child named Mia Ramirez.137

I first learned of this missing child by doing research on missing children in the Los Angeles, since at the time we were building our database here at the Missing Persons Center and looking for cases that needed more exposure, so we selected Mia's since at the time it was basically a new case.

Her file was profiled on a Los Angeles County run website and as of today, her profile can no longer be found.

It's difficult to look at her picture and see there is someone holding her, she appears happy and healthy, well fed, clean and amply dressed.  But when you view her missing child profile, there are no other pictures, there are no reasons or any information related to how she disappeared.  There where no media reports, no social media reports and no Amber Alert found to notify the public she was missing.

The questions abound from there . . . Who was holding Mia in that picture?  Is that the only picture in existence of this child?  Was she abducted by a parent?  Was she snatched out of her home?  Was she sold to someone?  Did she die accidently and her family afraid to report it?  Yes, there are many, many questions that need answers.

It makes you think, how could her family report her missing and not provide as much information as possible to law enforcement?  Or did her family provide a wealth of information but law enforcement didn't use it effectively?  Did her family care so little about her that they didn't have more pictures on hand to share in search efforts?

The worst part of this whole situation is, this is only one of thousands of cases I have seen over my thirty years dealing with missing persons cases.  This is more common in the cases of runaways, but not a child this young.

Check out her profile listed here since we are the only organization I believe has her profile still up and take a good hard look at that child and you try to figure out what happened to her and if you know, let us know with some information to verify she was found safe.

Thank you,

Law Olmstead
President - Missing Persons Center

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